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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Technology | 0 comments

Samsung vs Apple- Samsung’s commercials mocking iPhone Fans

Apple vs. Samsung - Battle ContinuesWhile checking out on technology news, we have stumbled upon Samsung’s printed ad, directed to Apple fans. It compares new smartphone Galaxy S III with a new Apple product – iPhone 5. Above pictures of the phones, there is a slogan , which made me smile for some time – “It doesn’t take a genius”.

The ad compares performance and capabilities of two devices, which resulted in the production of Samsung outperforms new iPhone 5. For those that may not know, an Apple Genius is an Apple expert working at one of the company’s stores.
Almost right after the printed advertising has been launched, the South Korean smartphone maker launched videos under the slogan “The next big thing is already here”. There Samsung picks some proudly promoted features of new iPhone 5, such as the new dock connector, larger screen, LTE and makes fun of it. The reason behind it is those features are supposedly old news to owners of SGS III. Samsung also adds a humorous twist, showing how one guy is saving a spot for his parents in line while he plays on his S III. Samsung has started its promotional campaign in the press on Sunday, September 16, says Apple insider.

Below you can find a commercial presented by Samsung.

However, in the advertising, comparison of Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 does not reflect all characteristics of iPhone 5, like FaceTime, iCloud, new EarPods and integration with iTunes. In this case, mobile operating system Android 4.0, the core of Galaxy S product line, released a year ago, and new iPhone 5 comes with a brand new iOS 6.0.

Meanwhile, Apple fans have already started to make a parody of Galaxy SIII advertising, where the list of advantages of iPhone 5 is much bigger than the ones Galaxy has.


Here, at Two Wise Monkeys, we use Android phones, so we will be keeping a close look on how this situation will develop. Out of curiosity, what phones do you prefer and why? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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