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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Personal Development | 0 comments

How to succeed in your job interview – Part 1

Job InterviewYou are graduated or just want to change the jobs and already have started to send your CV. Some of companies are interested and schedule a job interview with you to know your motivation and see if you can be their future employee… Don’t panic and just follow these advises from Two Wise Monkeys on how to prepare your interview.

Firstly you have to know that you will not have only one interview, but at least 2 or 3 rounds. The first one is there to see your motivation, to know more about you and if you really match the job. Then, interviews are more about technical questions or your working style (how you manage your stress, your organization…). If you pass the first round you have more chances to get the job!

Presenting Yourself

In general, in the beginning of the interview, interviewer will ask you to shortly describe yourself to know more about you. This part has to be short, no more than 3 minutes.

  1. Start with your name, your age, your nationality and where you live. You can speak also about your hobbies; try to find something what are you really passionate about or original (as sailing race, reptiles or the Greek mythology) to keep the attention of your interviewers.
  2. After that, go on with your professional experiences and try to speak more about the one, which is matching the most with the job you are applying for. It has to be short as well, so your interviewer going to ask more details about that later in the interview. At this point, you have to keep him/her interested. Just show that you liked what you did to make a good impression.
  3. Last but not least, speak about your education. Give just names of subjects; don’t need to explain in details what you did in every course. Speak, for example, about a project that you did at school, which can be related to the job. Furthermore, say that you liked what you did and that is the field you would like to become a professional. Stress the importance of your international experiences, like studies abroad or traineeship in other country. Usually it is regarded as an advantage and allows speaking about culture or lifestyle. Interviewer can ask you several question about the country, why did choose to go there, do you want to stay in that country, why/why not.


  1. Before an interview, gather all available information about the company where you will have the interview. Internet is a great place for information search. Just go on the website and navigate through it…everywhere! Employers can ask you some questions like who was the founder of the company. When? What caught your attention on the website? Give an example and details of products or services that we offer?
  2. Also, keep a little description of the company in mind, what is the image and core activities. It is a regular question.
  3. Finally, if they sell GPS navigation systems, BN or this can of name’s products, know the meaning of each abbreviation! You can lose your chance if you don’t know what it means

Job Description

Just before the interview, you have to study the job description you applied for in details. It will be as your guideline of questions you can expect. Another aspect you can check is the terminology used in those professional circles. Study and use them during the interview. For example, if they ask for a flexible or proactive person, you use these words when presenting yourself.

Then, if you are required to have some specific knowledge of software, and you didn’t have a chance to use it – Google it and you don’t need to look any further! There is much similar software, which you can study to know the basics. For instance, in customer relation field, if they ask to have knowledge of CRM (customer relationship management) and that you don’t have experience with; find software on internet (e.g. and watch the video presentation to know general principles CRM software operates.

Clothes, planning and documents

As for clothes, in general, you don’t know the dress code of the company. So formal clothes are the best! However, if a company is more in the sport or Jamaican field, you can go in casual clothes. As the same time bikini, flip flops and other beach clothes are totally prohibited!

What is the best time to arrive for the interview? For sure you have to be on time, but 15 min before is the best time. In fact, you already give a good impression of being punctual person and showing respect towards the interviewers. It also shows the seriousness of your intentions.

Regarding documents which are necessary to have. Generally speaking, it is necessary to take CV and cover letter, in case when your interviewers didn’t print them out. Take also your ID card or passport to prove your identity at the reception, if required.

Finally, if you have a confirmation email, don’t forget to print it. It will ensure that you show up at the right place and at the right time.


If you followed these points, check our Part 2 to know more about questions that employers can ask you and many other things!


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