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Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Personal Development | 0 comments

8 Tips to Make Your Life Simpler

Tips to simplify your lifeNowadays, we live in the world full of rules and regulations. We strive for achieving something, sometimes forgetting who we are. People love to complicate things, making a big deal of confusion and conflicts. Children taking life challenges better than adults, they are not bounded by many rules. Taking that into consideration we need to take distance from things happening around us and see if we can make our life simpler. The question is how could simplify your life?

I hope 8 simple tips will help now to make your life a little easier and will bring more happiness to it. And before you know, everything else will work out.

1. Take it easy!

If you are struggling with something to make it work, read the instructions, ask friends or search the Internet. You will be amazed to see that many people have similar questions. So you will save your nerves and energy.

2. Write it down!

We forget many things. So help your memory – just put it on paper. Simplest is you doing groceries. Write down items you need to buy. Another example is recording your four to seven main priorities for the next six months and regularly read that list. As I have written before, writing that kind of a list will be a sort of your personal development plan. Bad pen is better than good memory

3. Take your time to enjoy.

Pay attention to what happened during the day, instead of running forward and keep jumping into new challenges. Time goes very fast, you don’t even notice. Remember being a student in the Netherlands myself, last two years went really fast because I was all the time in a hurry and rarely laid back to relax myself.

 4. Don’t forget to smile and laugh.

Do not be afraid to make fun of yourself. It is not a sign of weakness. Vise versa, it shows your ability to be resilient, transparent and easy going person. And people like it.

5. Split your task into smaller sub-tasks or activities.

You can be afraid of a big task received at work and wouldn’t know where to start. You become stuck in the middle of nowhere. Focusing on a single, smaller goal lets you do it faster and more efficiently. After you completed it, move to a next one and in the end of the day check your progress.

6. Make mistakes.

And learn from them. I have heard that you can learn from other people mistakes; however it didn’t happen to me. But you learn from your own mistakes, it makes up your experience. In future, you will use it. You don’t carry experience in the bag, it is always with you. Of course, you can get advice from other people, but in the end, it will be you who make a move.

7. Swim, run, walk, ride a bike, skate, dance.

In other words – sport. If you work require a lot of mental activities, do some sports after it. When you change from mental to physical activity, you will be more productive after. It works for me, as my work requires me to stay in front of a computer. So after my work I started to play tennis. Fresh air, lots of movement helps. Furthermore, a “hormone of happiness” (Serotinin) is produced in your body when you do physical exercise.

 8. Find a hobby and dedicate time to it.

You cannot be focused on your job constantly, you need to distract from it. If you can, turn it into a source of income, and then you will be infinitely happy! Once a lecturer told me that he stopped to work, as soon as he started to teach other students. “It was always my hobby to educate others. And now I am even getting paid for it “– those have been his words. If you like blogging, photography or collecting something, make it your income stream. After that, the sky is the limit!

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