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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Internet | 0 comments

How to Start Your Own Website – Basics

Making your website stepsAfter hearing many people speaking about a website, at some point you can think what it takes to start your own website. Website is the easiest way to let people know about yourself or your business. In my opinion, every person or company needs to have a website. First idea that comes to my mind is who else will advertise you 24/7/365, with no lunch break, weekends and holidays! In general, setting up a website can be broken down to a few tasks: you’ll need a domain name, a place to host it, content to publish and actual design of a website.

Let’s go through points mentioned one by one.

 1.Domain name

Domain name is the name of your site on the Internet. It is also called URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – can be compared to the phone number, just in the place of numbers – letters. For example, is a domain name of this website. Domain name, as opposed to human names, is unique, i.e. there cannot be two identical domain names. Therefore, if you make a serious site, you need to dedicate special attention to the name selection.

 2.Web hosting

Web hosting is a place where the site is physically located. The resource can be placed on a personal computer, but quality hosting requires deep knowledge of the system administration. Therefore advisable to purchase hosting from specialist companies – hosting providers. Such companies will put your site on a server that is running special software. As a rule, hosting company takes the responsibility for its technical support and server administration.


As soon as you have your domain name and hosting account prepared, you can start placing your content there. Content is your information – addresses, phone numbers, texts, images, etc. That is what you want to show to your visitors.

4.Website design

Every piece of information, if presented poorly, will not give any added value to your website. Customers or readers will not trust the website, which didn’t take efforts to present its content properly. That’s why you need to have a good design of your future website. Depending on the nature of it, you can have a fairly simple layout if you just need to host a “business card” website for company (with most essential information – services, contact details, etc.) or use a premade templates for CMS (content management systems) if you are planning to have a more complex site.
To conclude, I would like to say that outlined points are just the top of a very big iceberg, however giving basic information on what it takes to set up a website. Later, we will discuss each point separately

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